User agreement

1. General

1.1. This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) regulates the legal relations between the administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) of the web service (hereinafter referred to as the Web Service) and an individual using the services of the Web Service (hereinafter referred to as the User).

1.2. The Agreement is a public offer. The User is considered to have acceded to this Agreement after completing the registration procedure in the Web Service.

1.3. The terms of the Agreement may be amended by the Administration unilaterally without prior agreement with the other Parties. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its publication.

2. Rights and obligations

2.1. The User undertakes to carefully read this Agreement and in case of disagreement with its terms, undertakes to immediately stop using the Web Service.

2.2. The Administration tries to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the Web Service, but is not responsible for the complete or partial loss of data posted by the User, as well as for the insufficient quality or speed of the provision of services.

2.3. The User acknowledges that the Administration may impose restrictions on the use of the Web Service.

2.4. The Administration is not responsible for lost profits or possible damage caused to the User as a result of the use or inability to use the Web Service.

3. Personal data

3.1. The source of personal data collection is information directly and voluntarily provided by the User.

3.2. All user data is used exclusively to ensure the functioning of the Web Service and is not transferred to third parties.

3.3. The Administration guarantees the confidentiality of personal data and applies organizational and technical measures to protect personal data.