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 Create an arbitrary number of projects
 Work with multiple projects at the same time
 Individual project settings
 Registries of customers, materials, fasteners, accessories, appliances
 Import data into registries from a CSV file
 Export data from registries to a CSV file
 Ability to create a part list using different types of materials in a single project
 Possibility to use overall or saw dimensions of parts in the project
 Grouping of parts into products, export of products from the project
 Copy parts from project to project, merge projects
 Processing of part end faces (covering or smoothing depending on the type of material used)
 Adding/removing/editing technological operations on a part (holes, grooves, pockets, edge processing, corner processing, curvilinear contour)
 Visual editor for modifying the contour of the part
 Basic checks of the correctness of technological operations on parts depending on the material used
 History of actions during processing of the part
 Adding fasteners, accessories, appliances to the project
 Replace materials used in the project with other materials
 Export project data to a JSON file
 Import project data from a JSON file
Import data from furniture programs  
Import data from furniture Web services  
 Exporting data from registries in MS Excel spreadsheet format    
 Export customer information in vCard format    
Export project data to formats of programs for cutting    
Export project data to formats of furniture Web services for ordering production services    
 Obtaining a list of projects related to a specific material or element of fasteners, accessories, appliances      
 Import into registries of materials, accessories, appliances from third-party formats (prices, etc.)      
 Global search for part in projects by ID read from barcode      
 Export in PDF format a list of project-related items grouped by supplier      
 Export a part list with material consumption in PDF format      
 Ability to attach an image to a project        
Formation of cutting diagrams according to configuration and export in PDF format        
Export of technological operations data for CNC machines        
Access to the service API          
Create organizations to work on projects with other users of the system          
 Participate in organizations to collaborate on projects          
 Technical support          
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Pricing (EUR/month) 0 4 6 8 10 12
   Novice Master Prof Expert Expert+ Expert++